Purchase DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Subscription




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    Paul Bakkers

    After purchase of Digital Globe i am not able to see any satellite imaging. i can open the satellite tab now but its a 2D basic animated map. 

    On my TRXtrailhead.com it states i have purchase the digital globe but again, im unable to view satellite imagery.

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    Joe Miera

    I also purchased Digital Globe and I don't have the maps either. I thought maybe I made a mistake so I did it again. My account was charged both times and still no maps. Leaving on a trip in the morning. Tried to call the support telephone number but went to voice mail. Left an email and no response.

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    Ryan Phifer

    I also purchased Digital Globe and the satellite imagery shows up in TRX Trailhead website but not on my TRX7 device.

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